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  • CollectorDavid says:

    Am 22 and loved Lionel sense I was 3 years old, now Ive got over 30 model trains and a 5 by 12 ft layout, I love the post and prewar years for trains that’s what I collect. And other antiques from those years. I love old shows and moves form the 1930-60′s nice great years, I would love to grow up in.

  • bestshowontheweb says:

    I have never gone a day without being grateful to my dad for buying me a lionel train set when I was 6. It got me into model railroading. I still set up the lionel up around my christmas tree every year. It’s a shame that it’s over here at my mom’s. But my dad and I have a layout at his place. So, not a total loss.

  • grizzleybearz282004 says:

    is there a video of it? or is this one it im building a new super O gauge lionel layout i love the super O tracks it should look nice when its all done i say within 3 weeks from now the latest do you have any postwar trains!!!

  • grizzleybearz282004 says:

    its in a few dvds on model trains iv gotten in the past there a dvd on ebay called dorfan its $7 its about to 1 to 1 1/2 hours long there alot of old lionel and other model traiins makers and there ads they showed on tv and other films they made within the prewar postwar and i think some very eraly mpc era trains some of the ads are not on youtube my favorite dvd is called a century of lionel trains made by T.M videos tom snyder is the host great dvd i paid $20 ebay

  • JonBrooks105 says:

    Love the scenes of the late 1950′s Lionel Super O Showroom layout in New York!

  • teletubbybuddy says:

    I would be absolutly TERRIFIED if a puppet woke me up. Also,they showed this on I love toy trains.

  • Harbormcann says:

    ” It travels on land or roams the sky through the heaven’s stormy rage…it’s mercury maned and everyone cries it’s the marvel of the age…SUPERCARRRRRR ” LOL!

  • 4thekidsTV says:

    Dear Attomas,No..The Suzari Puppets did not appear on”Supercar”..those were The Gerry & Slyvia Anderson Puppets.

  • attommas says:

    Were they also SUPERCAR???

  • 4thekidsTV says:

    The Suzari Puppets also appeared on The ABC TV Network version of”The Singing Lady”(Ireene Wicker) and on WGN TV Ch.9 Chicago,Ill.’s “The Blue Fairy”(Bridget Bazlen).

  • Plasticvillemayor says:

    super like!

  • zookie53 says:

    Ahhhh boy…the nostalgia is over-whelming….sigh…

  • roge69charger says:

    Saw it on TV, when I was 13 yrs old, Correct about 50 yrs ago. “I wonder if it’s available? ” On Video.

  • pitrow66 says:

    great to see the old video
    thanks for sharing

  • grizzleybearz282004 says:

    your never too old to collect trains and its never too late to have them again and i believe oneday in the after life all the model trains collectors from around the world will be joined together at the heavenly model railroad club where we all have every train set we ever wanted

  • janisjade1 says:

    I remember watching this. It used to be aired in the months before Christmas. Ahhhhhh the 60′s.

  • Ease54 says:

    It WAS “great to be alive”!

  • grizzleybearz282004 says:

    i would have loved to see this when it first hit the air on an old tv set those had to be the best of times

  • LS1Heli says:

    Ain’t that the truth. Those days are long gone.

  • fiftiesflashback1953 says:


  • fiftiesflashback1953 says:

    PS: I received a 2037 Loco & Tender (The Black verion of the PINK GIRL’S SET), a Submarine Car, a Rocket Launcher & an Exploding Box Car that year. I still have the Engine & tender, but like many Viet Nam era boomers, I traded all my “war inspired” toys for those of a gentler time.

  • fiftiesflashback1953 says:

    I remember getting ready to watch this one Saturday evening, Mom had put my dinner on a tray in the living room in front of the old RCA television. I was not even 10 yet, it was the last year I received trains for Christmas before I became “too old” and they became passe. Then I grew-up and like many Boomers, the trains came out of the attic and model railroading mania set it. GREAT POSTING!

  • Ease54 says:

    Wow! I saw this on TV about 50 years ago…

  • jordimikado says:

    Very nice video!!!Regards from Spain…….Jordi.